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1%+$1 Per Registrant
(no charge for free registrations)
Only 1% for donations and store items

Questions & Answers

Is there special pricing for large-volume registrations (over 1000 registrants)?
Yes, contact us to discuss your upcoming registration.
Are there fees for registrants that are manually added?
No, we do not charge a registration fee for manual orders. And since there is no credit card transaction, there is no credit card processing fee either.
Can I issue refunds?
Yes, the registration organizer can issue full or partial refunds back to the customer's credit card.
Does it cost anything to issue a refund?
There are no additional fees for issuing refunds. However, Stripe does not refund their original payment processing fee to you, which means a full refund will end up costing you, the organizer, 2.9% + 30¢ of the original payment amount.