Is there a way to have the system email you every time someone new registers?

Yes, under “Customize”, near the bottom is “Notification” - select the checkbox for “Email me when someone registers”. You will now be notified by email every time someone registers for your event.

Do users have the ability to resend the confirmation email?
No, only the registration organizer can resend the confirmation email. If required please contact the registration organizer.

As an organizer, can I resend a person’s registration confirmation email?

Yes, From the “Registrants” tab, select the “Order No.” of the person you would like to re-send the confirmation email. Select the “Resend Confirmation Email” button.

Can I make an auto-updated Google Sheet of my registration information?

It's super easy to set up an auto-updating Google Sheet using Signup Forms, or any CSV file on the web using the "IMPORTDATA()" function.

1) Copy the URL of the Download button (right click on button, "Copy Link Address")

2) In a Google Sheet, edit a cell (usually the upper left cell), and enter '=importdata("<paste-url>")'.  The Google Sheet will then import the data found at the URL regularly.  Note, the URL needs to be in quotes inside the importdata function.

You can read more about the IMPORTDATA function here:

I have more questions. What should I do?

We know these pages don’t cover it all, and we’re eager to help answer your questions. Please contact us.