Can people use to create tickets for concerts and events where people would need to print a ticket to bring with them to an event?
Yes. Every customer receives a confirmation email with a message: "Print this email and bring it with you to the event" (or something similar). The email also contains a QR code (2D barcode) on it that can be used by event staff to instantly check-in those registrants. The registrant can bring a printed copy or just bring their phone to show at the door.

What are QR Codes?
QR codes (or sometimes called 2D bar codes) are really just URLs that are turned into a picture that your phone can quickly read -see image. A QR code is really just a link to a website. Using a QR app on your phone, your phone will read it and will instantly take you to that website. Signup Forms uses QR codes in a confirmation email to allow a person to check in to an event.

What is the best way to do check-in at an event?
Signup Forms provides several options. A QR code is included in every confirmation email (see image). A person can print this receipt and the event organizer can scan the image with his phone (or have a team of people with their phones). The QR code directs the phone (or scanner connected a desktop or laptop computer) to the person’s registration page. The attendee can also just bring their phone, and show the QR code from their email to be scanned at the door.

This same function is easily performed, and probably quicker, from a desktop or laptop computer where you type in the person's name. As you are typing in the "Search" bar, the list is reduced to what matches the text in the search bar. The organizer can then select "Attended" with their computer mouse.

Is there a way to view how many people registered in an order?

Yes. Select the “Registrants” tab, type the name of any person in a group in the “Search” bar, select the “Order #” tab which will show all of the people registered with that order.

If a person mails in a registration form with their credit card info, can I enter the info into the website as if I am the person registering?

Yes, When they send you their credit card info, they are authorizing you to make a payment with it. But it’s always best for the customer to enter the credit card information securely online when they register. This ensures the best security for all parties and makes use of all the features signupforms has to save both the organizer and the registrant time.

As a registrant, how do I cancel my order?

You cannot cancel your order directly. Use your confirmation email to find the organizer’s email to request cancellation.

As an organizer, how do I cancel a registrant?

The Organizer can go in and change the status to cancelled. The organizer can cancel part or all of the order and refund none of the money, part or all at their discretion. From the “Registrants” tab, select “Canceled” under the “Status” column for registrant you would like to cancel.

As an organizer, how do I add a registrant manually?
From the “Registrants” tab, select “+ Add”, select the quantity (“Qty”) for each of the pricing options, then select “Continue”. A screen will display which allows the organizer to fill in all the registrant’s relevant information.
Why do I have Orders labeled "Pending"?

When a user begins a registration a position is held for them. Since many orders have limits on the total quantity available, a spot must be reserved for the user while they are registering to prevent too many people from registering for a limited amount of tickets available. A position is held for 30 minutes + 15 minutes for each ticket type selected. For example: if a registration has 2 ticket types and a user selects qty 1 of each ticket type, a pending registration will be held for 60 minutes (30 + 15 + 15 min). As the time is about to expire, the user will receive a warning that they have limited time to finish their registration. If the person doesn't respond the pending order is removed and the position is now available for others to sign up for.

How do I export a list of people attending my event?

From the "Registrants" tab select "Download". A .csv file will download to your computer or device. Open this file with an Excel spreadsheet or Google docs to view your full list of registrants and their information.

Can I make an auto-updated Google Sheet of my registration information?

It's super easy to set up an auto-updating Google Sheet using Signup Forms, or any CSV file on the web using the "IMPORTDATA()" function.

1) Copy the URL of the Download button (right click on button, "Copy Link Address")

2) In a Google Sheet, edit a cell (usually the upper left cell), and enter '=importdata("<paste-url>")'.  The Google Sheet will then import the data found at the URL regularly.  Note, the URL needs to be in quotes inside the importdata function.

You can read more about the IMPORTDATA function here:

I have more questions. What should I do?

We know these pages don’t cover it all, and we’re eager to help answer your questions. Please contact us.