How can I reorder the items in my form?

You can drag and drop most items to reorder them. Look for the common sign of the 4-way arrow showing that you can drag and drop to reorder the item.

When do I use Multiple choice vs Checkbox vs Pulldown?

Mostly it's personal preference, but some options can perform unique functions. If you want to be able to select more than one item then use "Checkbox". The "Checkbox" type of question allows one to choose zero items (if this question is not required), one item or multiple items (as many as the list contains). If a default answer is desired use a "Pulldown" type question. Make the selected default answer the first question in the list.

Is there a way to include a pdf or something like that with info that people might need / want to print?

Yes. Upload the PDF to Google Drive or Dropbox and simply add a link to the document in the event details.

Can a pricing option be made available (and visible) after a certain date?

Yes, Edit the pricing option. Select "Show quantity and availability options", select “Availability Dates” to set the dates that you desire to have the pricing option available.

Can you set the minimum or maximum number of people who can register at a time?

Yes, In the “Customize” tab, in the “Pricing” section, type in the Minimum or Maximum in the “Quantity per Order” line. Example: if the minimum order is set to 2 then a person is required to register at least 2 people to get this pricing.

Is there a way to display a question only if a previous question's answer is a specific value?

No. But you can show/hide questions based on the ticket type. Example: In the “Registration” section of the form, the “Show for” tab is default set to “All pricing options”. If “All pricing options” is unselected, then a list of all of the pricing options is displayed. You can now select one or more of the following ticket types for this question to be displayed in.

Can a registration allow for a partial down payment?

Yes. As an organizer, one can specify a ‘deposit’ amount. As a registrant, one can then choose to pay the full amount (default), or only pay the minimum amount. If one pays the minimum amount, the financial reports will indicate an “Amount Due” for that order. In addition, as a registrant, one can click on the link provided in my confirmation email and pay the remaining balance. See image for an example. The below shows a $40 deposit permitted on a $90 order.

Can we remove the “price” column if the registration is free?

The registrants won't see "Pricing" - go to the "View" tab to see exactly what your registrants will see. Also, you can hide the column using a custom theme.

Can you make a question that is specific to a ticket type?

Yes, in the registration form, select “Show for” to select the registration type that you want this questions to be shown for. By default a question is shown for “All pricing options”. Unselect “All pricing options” to show the other pricing options. Select the pricing option(s) which you want the question to be shown for.

What is displayed after the maximum number of tickets has been reached?

The registration will read “No longer available” and the “Quantity” dropdown will be removed.

Why does it say "Registration is currently unavailable"

If your registration states that your "Registration is currently unavailable", it is probably because there is not an active registration. From the "Customize" tab, scroll down to "Pricing" and select Edit. From here, ensure that the "Hide this option from registrants." check box is not selected.

Another possibility is that there is no pricing option available at all: either Free or a Paid registration. If so, go to "Customize", under "Pricing" select either "Registration", "Donation", or "Product" to make your registration active.

How do I close a registration?

If a registration has gone past the end date of the event, the registration is disabled, and one can no longer register. The event organizer can, however, still enter a person from the back-end at any time. If the event end date has not passed, an event can be made inactive by editing each of the pricing tickets. Disable each of the pricing options by selecting “Edit”, then selecting the check box for “Hide this option from registrants.” See image for an example.

Can I limit the number of available answers for multiple choice questions?

Yes, a quantity can be given a limit by selecting “Enable choice limits” on a “Multiplechoice”, “Checkboxes” or “Pulldown” type question. First click “Enable choice limits”, then enter the quantity that you want the item to be limited to. Once registrants have selected that answer that many times, the answer becomes disabled and unavailable.

How can I make a pulldown question required but not have a default option?
The first option of a pull down will be the “default” value. But when the question is required and the first option is blank, the user will be prompted to select an option if none has been selected.

How can I have the option to receive Cash, Check and Credit Card for my event?

The best way to do this is to have one ticket and to set the ticket item to have a $0 deposit. Then, a person can pay part or all of their ticket with credit card at time of purchase, and pay the remaining amount before the event with credit card or at the event with cash or check. To enable this, select the edit icon for the pricing option. Set "Allow Deposit" to $0.

An alternative is to setup two ticket items: one with a charge and one as "Free" and in the description state that the "Free" ticket means that you register for free but need to pay at the door with check or cash. Conversely, if you select the paid registration, then you not only registered but also pre-paid with credit card.

Why does my image that I link to not display?

If you are trying to display an image in your registration that you have linked to on the internet but it doesn't show up, this may be the issue. For best security Signup Forms is hosted over https (encrypted). Browsers will not show images that are hosted over plain http (unencrypted). Make sure to link to images that are hosted on https sites.

Why are there differences in processing fees when a registration is setup as a Ticket compared to Merchandise?

The fees for using a credit card are in 2 parts: 1) The credit card fees (2.9%+$.30) 2) Signup Forms processing fees which are $1 + 1% per ticket, but, merchandise has only a 1% fee (not the $1).

If you setup your entire registration as Merchandise, one can avoid this $1 fee but some of the functionality is lost as well. Signup Forms is designed to have a Ticket for each person registering and Merchandise for any item desired at the time of registration.

I have more questions. What should I do?

We know these pages don’t cover it all, and we’re eager to help answer your questions. Please contact us.